Sheriff Reigenborn has a long history of serving in and out of uniform. While it is one thing to serve in uniform, there are community organizations that require volunteer service so those in uniform are successful on the job. Here are some of Sheriff Reigenborn’s affiliations past and present.

  • Past board member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
  • Leadership
  • Past FOP Sgt. At Arms
  • Past FOP Vice-President
  • President of FOP Lodge 1
  • Colorado State FOP board member
  • Past 2nd Vice-President, FOP
  • Board member of County Sheriffs of Colorado (CSOC)
  • Board member of ADCOM
  • Chair of E-911
  • Chair of North Metro Task Force

Due to Sheriff Reigenborn’s partnership with the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police, greater policies and procedures within the Adams County Sheriff’s Office have been established or improved.