Under the previous administration, the following divisions were removed, which Sheriff Reigenborn has restored to better serve the unique needs of the Sheriff’s Office so our focus is where it should be; serving the community.

  • HR Department:

    The HR department performs a critical role in hiring new employees, scheduling testing and backgrounds for all new hires, and completing all onboarding paperwork IE: Health benefits, Life Insurance, Identification cards, and Proxy cards allowing access to secured buildings. This division allows our staff to place more focus on serving the community and has created a culture of service before self among the department.

  • Finance Division:

    While Sheriff Reigenborn is responsible for running an agency that ensures the safety of the community, it goes without saying that there is also a fiscal responsibility that comes with the job. Citizens deserve an agency that is fiscally responsible, and Sheriff Reigenborn has brought this department back to ACSO. The finance division tracks the billing and ordering of items, requests, and monitors grants, and manages our accounts payable. Our fiscally responsible professionals in the finance division are literally the backbone of ACSO that make community safety possible.

  • IT Unit:

    Most citizens and police are unaware of the amount of sophisticated technology that goes into successfully running a modern law enforcement agency. Granted, the technology available to the deputy on the road is essential, but most of this technology takes a sophisticated infrastructure to work. Even more critical is maintaining and updating this technology throughout an agency so it is available for use in daily operations.  This is a task that must be performed by IT professionals who maintain network security, and infrastructure, maintain video camera systems, phone systems, radio networks, printers, and the army of computers used by our staff. Social media is another essential system that ACSO utilizes to maintain contact with our community. These professionals carry out a daily mission that is unseen by most, but used by everyone. IT is a vital organ to the successful operation of ACSO and Sheriff Reigenborn is pleased to have this division serving Adams County.

  • New Employee Foundation:

    When citizens have emergencies, they can always rely on the Sheriffs office to provide safety. Sometimes, first responders have emergencies and The New Employee Foundation is used to raise money to assist employees going through financial difficulties or needing assistance not covered by the agency.