Sheriff Reigenborn wants to become the first Sheriff’s Office to have collective bargaining for all our employees if they wish to participate. This will also assist us in improving our recruiting efforts for all positions as we know our average attrition of employees is about 35 per year. Every job is vital to the operations of the Sheriff’s Office and the safety of Adams County residents.

Sheriff Reigenborn also plans to increase the staffing for our Community Response Team (CRT) to better target high-crime areas and assist the homeless population within Adams County. While CRT is a mission-critical area for ACSO, other areas will start to require our focus. As our current jail ages and needs repair, we must look at the feasibility of updating and maintaining our current jail or analyze the cost-effectiveness of building a new one. Citizens can trust that under Sheriff Reigenborn’s leadership, the most fiscally responsible route will be pursued to maximize the impact of taxpayer money.

Sheriff Reigenborn is also reviewing new technology for the jail to eliminate contraband from incoming paper mail. Much of the contraband that is in the jail, arrives in this fashion. This poses a safety risk to our employees from handling incoming mail. Great measures are taken to maintain a contraband-free jail, and this comes at an expense to the community. Sheriff Reigenborn is working towards a contraband-free communication system for prisoners all while increasing safety for staff and maximizing the community investment.